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  Modular Alarm Systems  

SERIE 6000 (Art. 6739)

Standard features

2 remote controls with auto learning randomic code (433,92 Mhz)Universal central door locking with comfort function (1 -30 sec) (P)Engine immobiliser (10 A)Immobiliser passive arming (P)Automatic re-arming in case of accidental disarming (P)Negative output (fix or intermittent) for clacson/siren (500 mA) (P)Negative output for modules (200mA)Panic alarmWaterproof neodymium loudspeaker (Art. 4068)Perimetrical protectionChangeable pin code (P)Led status indicator and alarm memoryDead-lock (double pulse for CDL) (P)Visual and acoustic signalling of arming/disarming (P)

Temporary exclusion by remote control of optional sensors and of siren (if present)(P)Garage function (temporary exsclusion of passive arming of the system)Remote trunk opening by remote control and indipendent from CDL (P)
Optional features

Waterproof neodymium power back up battery siren (Art. 4090)Ultrasonic volumetric sensor (S version)Electronic emergency key (K version)Controlled windows closure for cars without built-in comfort feature (Art. 3108)Shock sensor (Art. 3112)Available in 24 volts version(P)= programmable

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