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AVI J Ltd. was founded in August, 1993.

The Company performs in the following activities:

Import, trade, and mounting of car alarm systems. The list of our customers includes names of leading automobile companies on the Bulgarian market.

Design, building, warranty and non-warranty maintenance of alarm-signaling security systems, fire-alarm systems, video control systems and access control, monitoring, patrol and physical security of offices, banks, and houses. The company offers products of high quality, reliability, security, and user friendliness. The quality of the products is guaranteed by certificates of the respective companies. The variety of products provides a number of choices among different types of systems, which guarantees your security in critical situations.

Import and mounting of a rich variety of normal and protective window films. AVI J Ltd. offers a rich variety of unique window films providing for discretion, noise insulation, protection against intruding eyes, elimination of window sweating. The protective films form a secure shield which prevents the glass from breaking scattering around. This means that you protect yourself, the people around you, and your property as well as the glass from the damage that a broken window might cause. The protective foil reduces the damage caused in natural disasters and provides security against breaking-in, terrorist acts and robbery. The company has mounted security systems in buildings throughout the whole country.

AVI J Ltd. has its own office building on 60-62 Tsarigradsko shose Blv. Soon the second office building of 3000 square meters of unfolded build-up area will be built in the immediate surroundings of the first building. Аvi Business Center

The successful 27 years of development of the company are a result of excellent management, flexible price policy, rapid and high-quality completion of errands, and the professionalism of our team of specialist. 

 Fire Alarms
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 Car Alarms and immobilisers
MCA's alarms offer unique performances such as security, reliability,,,
 Intercom Systems
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 Access Control
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 Video Control
When thinking protection, think Bentel. With regards to protection, Bentel is an assurance.
 Security Systems
Digital Security Controls Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of electronic security products, including intrusion...
 Window Tint
Madico window films offer far more than just good looks. They protect you, your passengers...

AVI-J Ltd.
Bulgaria, Sofia 1504, 82 Dondukov blvd.

+359 2 943-30-26



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